Thursday, 20 October 2011

A card for my brother

First of all let me say a huge Thank You to Mina, CraftyLoops, Sue, Wendy, Isswizz, Jules and Irene for being so kind as to add your name to my Followers and for your  lovely comments.  Looking at everybodys blogs I do realise just how much I have to learn.  This card I made for my brother who has completely rebuilt an old Austin and has made it into a little roadster not unlike these.  It also gave me the opportunity to try out my one and only mask.  The images are from the Nostalgia cd. and the backing paper is from Debbie Moore's Shabby Chic cd.  I have to add that the photographer has been complaining that he does not get a mention - so Gerry consider yourself mentioned - despite the fact that Lord Litchfield would have been less fussy.


Irene said...

Hi Marie-Louise

What a fabulous card. The background is brlliant and I love your chosen colour. I've enlarged your card to take a better peek at the images and they are fabulous. Your brother will be thrilled to receive his card.


Wendy said...

Fabulous card Marie-Lousie,lovely images.
Wendy xx

Jules said...

Hi Marie-Louise

What a fantastic background to your brother's card. Great use of your mask .. very inspirational.

All of those images will be so personal to your brother .. .. an extra special card.

Have a great day.

Love Jules xx

Well done to Gerry on great photography skills too!!

Mandy said...

Hi Marie-Louise,
What a fabulous card,great layout.....Have a lovely weekend...
Mandy x

Mina said...

I bet your Brother adored this card Marie-Louise, what a fantastic design suited just for him too...brilliant
Mina xxx

Elizabeth said...

Hi Marie-Louise, great card for a bloke, I think your brother might have liked this a lot. Had a chuckle at the nod to the photographer ... great pics Gerry. Elizabeth x

applejack cards by sue said...

Hi Marie-Louise, what a great card and congrats to Gerry...great photos Gerry! Thanks Marie-Louise for your help on my blog...pesky gremlins.